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   In January of 2015, Jack Snyder took leave from studies at the Berklee College of Music and teamed up with producer/instrumentalist/songwriter Adrian Harpham (of NYC) to begin creating music. They had shared a vision inspired by exciting contemporary sonics from artists like Hiatus Kaiyote and James Blake, as well as an enduring love for the aesthetics of drum machines and synthesizers from 80’s artists like Prince. They decided to work towards creating a half-length album (or EP). Jack made trips to Adrian’s home studio in New York City where they conjured drum and synth sounds into ProTools and began to shape the tracks into songs. Both Jack and Adrian have an affinity for interesting and free sounding chords and melodies; but, they share an equal desire to create timeless and bulletproof songs that translate into any live arrangement – be it a full band, or solo acoustic show. Brockett Parsons (Lady Gaga’s keyboardist, and mutual friend of Adrian and Jack) was visiting Adrian where they recorded the piano parts which would become the song “Tightrope”. The message of Tightrope was drawn from an observed apparent human need to escape the societal pressures of crowded city life. Jack was new to living in a city, having grown up mostly in rural Vermont.

    By March of 2015, the two had met several times in NYC. Between visits, Jack continued writing remotely in Boston. The process was deeply collaborative and utilized the internet to share ideas from different cities. The tracks and melodies had shaped into songs as they began refining the arrangement and production elements. In May, the Day Is Calling EP was in a finalized mixing stage. Adrian brought the songs to long-time friend Phil Nicolo in Philadelphia for the final mastering. Simultaneously, Jack was working on video concepts to accompany three of the songs for the release (Day Is Calling, On Your Side, Tightrope). The three videos were self-released in June, July and August of 2015. In December of 2015, Jack decided to return to Vermont to reroot with family. The EP had felt incomplete to Jack, and he needed time to decide the direction for it. After Jack took an extensive break from music, he and Adrian met for another creative session in NYC in March of 2016, where many new song seeds were started. The additional songs for the Day Is Calling record were Tribe of Light, Aftermath and the Day Is Calling ft. Erwan (Remix). In 2016, Adrian’s group Light Blue Movers released their album Atlas with Ropeadope, which featured Leyeux (Jack) on a song he wrote with LBM called “Serenity”. In early 2017, Adrian began forming an imprint with Ropeadope Records called Modern Icon Records. Adrian approached Jack about having Ropeadope distribute the album.